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  • Bobberway

    We are specialists in custom electric bicycles. We have very exclusive products to customize your bike with unbeatable quality and latest generation materials. What are you waiting to take care of your city riding an authentic chopper? Choose one of our models or we make it to your specifications.

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    Customize your own bike

  • Electrification of bicycles

    Transform your normal bike to electric bike

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  • Bike ordinance in Valencia: Can you ...?


    Bike ordinance in...

    Doubts and criticism in the new regulations

  • The end of diesel and gasoline has a date in Spain: 2040


    The end of diesel and...

    The goal is that by 2050 no fossil fuel combustion vehicle will circulate anymore

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    Join our community

    Send us photos of your personalized bike. We are passionate about knowing styles of all kinds.