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KIT 1000w + Battery FT 48v. 11.6 Ah

Available Delivery time appr. 5-6 workdays

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With its 1,000 watt. nominal our Nitro engine has an extraordinary power capable of climbing the highest slopes quickly and forcefully and turn your bike into practically a motor cycle. In combination with the 48 volt LCD5 electronics, it will allow you to select between 5 levels of assistance and a maximum power of 1,440 watts.

Motor without gears, direct transmission, high performance.
 Available in the following measures
26 "rear for freewheel.
26 "rear for cassette sprockets (up to 10 vel.)
27.5 "rear for cassette pinions (up to 10 vel.)
28 "rear for cassette pinions (up to 10 vel.)

30M permanent magnets (the most powerful of its kind), huge torque.
High power (1000 watt nominal, up to 1500 watt with the 48v / 30A controller)
Very silent, thanks to its direct transmission, without gears.
High efficiency. Alloy housing, which effectively dissipates heat. Weight approx. 6 kg.
Disc brake adapter (disc not included).
360 rpm @ 48v. approx. 45 km / h.

Technology: Brushless.
Nominal voltage: 48v.
Par: 54 nm
Rated power: 1,000 watt.
Weight: 7 Kg.

Electronic components LCD5 48V: Elements included as standard
Computerized controller:

Quality controller, with 9 Mosfet, suitable for our Nitro engines. Its programming is specially optimized so that the assistance to the pedaling is natural, but at the same time effective. The outputs are smooth and progressive, but the acceleration forceful. Due to its size, the kit does not include a bag or box to house the controller.
30 amps, which gives the kit a maximum power of 1,440 watts.
22 amps which gives less power, (1056 watts), for those applications that prefer to increase autonomy at the cost of losing power.
Nominal voltage: 48v.
Maximum amps: 30
Measures: 17X4.5X8.5 cm
Signal cut 42 v.
Connections: Engine, battery, PAS, Accelerator, lights, brake levers, LCD screen
Weight: 600gr.
* The controllers have a 36v output, which can be connected from the screen, but due to the great variety of existing lighting power, we do not guarantee its correct operation.
LCD screen 5 levels of assistance

LCD screen 5. Choose between 5 levels of assistance. Available in three versions (See top dropdown)
LCD5 with USB output NEW VERSION
LCD5 PLUS with USB output
Sensor P.A.S.
It detects the pedaling cadence and transmits this information to the controller.
Available for
Square shaft *
Hollow shaft

Electronic components LCD5: Optional elements
Brake cutting system
They stop the engine when the brake is activated. Its installation, although optional is extremely advisable and mandatory if accelerator is installed. (See dropdown)
Vbrake with parking brake
Sensor for hydraulic disc brake
Sensor for integrated disc brake

It allows to use the motor without pedaling. Optional installation (see dropdown)
Trigger Accelerator
Accelerator of half fist (distro or left-handed)
Fist throttle complete
Pro trigger accelerator (right or left handed)