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KIT for electric bicycle 250w LCD5 + Battery FT 36v. 16 Ah

Available Delivery time appr. 5-6 workdays

New product

The new 250w LCD5 kit is our most popular solution to turn your bike into a high-end electric bike. Your new LCD panel with 5 levels of assistance gives you precise control of assistance. The KIT Platinium LCD5 + Battery 36V FT. 11 Ah It will allow you to travel distances of up to 80 km with electric assistance.
KIT Platinium LCD5 + FT 36 v. 16 Ah
TF Battery Set of 36 v 11 Ah. + charger

    Battery that is housed in the hollow of the bottle holder, which gives it an excellent aesthetic appearance.
    Weight: 3.25 kg.
    Nominal voltage: 36 v.
    Amperage: 16 Ah.
    Discharge rate: nominal 2C, maximum 3C
    Smart charger Charge rate: 1.8 Ah
    Measures: 36 X 9
    Cells: Panasonic
    A year of warranty

250 watt Platinium engine. (suitable for public roads)
With its 250 watt. rated (350 watt cotinuos), our famous Platinium engine has the perfect balance between weight and performance. In combination with the LCD5 controller it supplies up to 612 watts of maximum power.

The CycloTEK Platinium engine does not offer resistance to pedaling when it is not active. This way, you can use your bike without turning on the engine if you wish. When connected, its operation is extremely smooth and silent.

Double wall and black color wheel; Reinforced radios. It is compatible with disc brakes (except mod 83 mm.)
Available in the following measures (select from drop-down menu)

    Front 83 mm. (16, Brompton and 20 "): Suitable for folding bicycles.
     Front 100 mm (16, 20, 24, 26, 28 "): The most popular solution. Simple installation
    Rear 135 mm. Thread (20, 26, 28 "): Rear configuration, for pinions of thread.
    Rear 135 mm. CST (26,27.5, 28 "): Rear configuration, for cassette sprockets up to 10 speeds.

Available in 3 different maximum speeds, according to tire sizes. (tell us in delivery comments on the tire size)

    15 km / h: High torque motor, with high lifting capacity and traction. Very suitable for electric tricycles and cargo vehicles.
    25 km / h: Standard configuration. Balance between speed and upload capacity.
    33 km / h: Suitable for high-speed routes. It is not appropriate to face rises without pedaling aid.

* Speeds at 36v. With the battery fully charged (42 v.) These maximum speeds are higher.


    Technology: Brushless geared.
    Nominal voltage: 36v.
    Par: 32 nm
    Rpm: As radiated

        Nominal power: 250 watt. (350 watt continuous)
        Waterproof connector for easy replacement
        Weight: 2.7 Kg.
        Dimensions (100, rear 136), or (83 mm)

Electronic components LCD5: Elements included as standard
Computerized controller:
Quality controller, with 6 Mosfet, suitable for our Platinium engines. Its programming is specially optimized so that the assistance to the pedaling is natural, but at the same time effective. The outputs are smooth and progressive, but the acceleration forceful. The kit includes a bag or box to house the controller, depending on the type of battery chosen.

    15 A: Maximum power of 540 watt. : It is the most balanced option for all use, optimizing autonomy but with brilliant features.
    17 A: Maximum power of 612 watt. : Suitable for areas with large slopes or vehicles that have to carry weight. In battery consumption is higher in this case (lower autonomy).


    Nominal voltage: 36v.
    Maximum amps: 15/17

    Signal cut 31 v.
    Connections: Motor, battery, PAS, Accelerator, brake levers, LCD screen

* The controllers have a 36v output, which can be connected from the screen, but due to the great variety of existing lighting power, we do not guarantee its correct operation.
LCD screen 5 levels of assistance

LCD 5 or LED3 screen. It allows you to choose between 5 or 3 levels of assistance. Available in three versions (See top dropdown)

    LCD5 with USB output NEW VERSION
    LCD5 plus with USB output
    LED3 (analog)

It detects the pedaling cadence and transmits this information to the controller.
Available for

    square shaft
    hollow shaft (with supplement)

Electronic components LCD5: Optional elements
Brake signal cut system
They stop the engine when the brake is activated. Its installation, although optional is extremely advisable and mandatory if accelerator is installed. (optional)

    Vbrake with parking brake
    Sensor for hydraulic disc brake
    Sensor for disc brake i

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