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Sturmey Archer single-sided drum brake hubs (X-SD) right

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  • Side: Left or Right

  • Axle Type: HSL881 Solid Nutted

  • Axle Diameter / Type: - 12 mm

  • Axle Length: 130 mm (Excl. M19 Hex Bolt Head of 4mm)

  • Axle Protrusion Length: 50 mm

  • Hub Shell Material: A356 Aluminum

  • Bearing Type: 6001-ZZ Sealed Cartridge x 2

  • Spoke Holes: 36

  • Pitch Circle Diameter: 89.8 mm

  • Flange Width: 54 mm

  • Spoke Compatibility: 13g or 14g

  • Weight: 790g

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